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Turkey Trot Race Recap and My List of Thanks

The Buffalo YMCA Turkey Trot, which hails itself as the ‘oldest road race in America’ (116 years!) was this morning and it can be summed up in four words: way too many people.

Admittedly, I am a ridiculously competitive person. I take every race way too seriously and have a hard time running a race just for fun, especially if I have some arbitrary time goal in mind. Today was no different. Today I decided I would break 40:00.

By the time we got to the start line we were way back where the walkers were lining up.  Took a little over four minutes to get to the start.  Turkey Trot is a really fun point to point race and lots of people dress up in costumes.  It’s an awesome community race that attracts people of all levels.  Especially walkers. Who like to walk at least five abreast in the middle of the road.   This wasn’t completely unexpected, but I felt I did a lot more dodging than in recent years. Since I had that time goal in mind I felt a little torn between being annoyed and wanting to just have fun.

All in all, I missed my goal by less than 30 seconds.  My “official” time was 40:27.  I ran a couple sub-8 miles and as soon as I crossed mile 3, I had run 1,200 miles in 2011!  I also got to hang out with good friends before and after the race.   So …  I think it’s time for me to learn to celebrate what DOES go well in my races, instead of focusing on the negative.  This is a goal for Memphis:  run my best, but ENJOY what is going on around me. I feel like I missed out on a lot in Columbus in October because I was focusing solely on maintaining my pace.

Would love to hear your thoughts!  Ever have a hard time in large races or racing just for fun?

This is a good segue into my list of things I am thankful for today (and every day of course).  First, I’m thankful for running!  It makes me feel awesome, I have met amazing, supportive people, and it seriously keeps me sane.  I’m thankful every day that I have the ability to do something I love.  I’m thankful for my running “Tweeps” who provide me with a forum for “bragging” about my accomplishments, give me support when I need it, cheer me on, and answer all my running questions.  I’m thankful for my “real life” friends, too.  I have been blessed with amazing friends: some I have known most of my life, which is comforting; some new friends who I really enjoy getting to know; some live far away; and some I don’t get to see often but I know will always be there.  I’m thankful for family, especially my parents, who are amazingly generous people who have made me the compassionate, generous person I try to be.  And I’m thankful for my job.  I actually really like my work and the people I work for directly (don’t let that get out!).  They are kind and good to me … and I know I am one of the lucky ones to have a good job in today’s economy.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

What are you thankful for?? 

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