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Christmas Eve Run

I was supposed to run with a group at Chestnut Ridge park this morning, but late last evening I got a text that my friend I usually go with couldn’t make it, and that the people we usually hang with while running all had to cancel for various reasons.  I happened to mention this to another runner friend at a Christmas party last night, and he invited me to join them at Losson Park to run the trails this morning.

It turned out to be one of my most awesome runs this year!  It was a chilly 20 degrees, but there was no snow and very little ice, no wind, and it was gorgeously sunny.  I’d run at this park before, but never back on the trails (since I typically run alone and that doesn’t seem the safest idea to me).  We ended up running just over 7 miles through the woods, past a pretty little creek.  We had hoped to see some deer or fox, but ended up only seeing a few ducks hanging out in the water.

Afterwards, we all went back to one guy’s house for bagels and fruit, tea, chocolate milk and …… he gave each of us a package of sponge candy for Christmas!! YUM!!

The best part: another newcomer, Mark, joined us this morning too.  He was super friendly and told us all stories of running Boston and many other marathons.  We realized at the end of the run, though …. none of us actually knew who he was!  Throughout the seven miles, we each figured that one of the others had invited him along.  What I loved was how a perfect stranger could join up with our group, fit right in, and feel right at home with all of us.  I think that level of acceptance and openness is one thing that defines a runner.

Happy Holidays, all!


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My 2012 Running Plans & Goals – including a big announcement!

I’m mostly writing this for myself,but if anyone else is interested in reading, the more the merrier!

I ran three marathons in 2011. My first, second and third, between the end of May and the beginning of December.  I thought that by the time I finished my third marathon, I’d be ready to take a break. Maybe run less in 2012.  Instead, I feel exactly the opposite.  Every day since the marathon I’ve felt like I would literally pop if I didn’t get out for a few miles.  You know that feeling … you just HAVE to run.  I’m forcing myself to take it a little easy, though… maybe an extra rest day here or there.. for the next few weeks, because my plans for 2012 are BIG.

Marathons four and five are in the plans.  In May I will likely run Buffalo.  Although I don’t want to repeat marathons, there’s something about running my home town. I also have my sights set on Chicago in October.

In March I will run in Columbia, SC.  I am debating whether I want to run the half or the full but am leaning heavily towards running the half.  More importantly, one of my dear friends is running her FIRST 10K the same day!  That makes that race extra special.

Aside from a bunch of 5K races, the usual Shamrock and Turkey Trot 8Ks, and hopefully a 10K in there somewhere, at the end of March I’ll run the Around the Bay 30K in Hamilton, Ontario.  I also plan to give back more to the sport. I’ll start by volunteering for a local ultra, the Beast of Burden 100 miler here in January (yep people actually run 100 miles in Buffalo in January).  I’m really looking forward to that.

But my biggest plan for 2012  ….. I decided to train for and run my first ultra!!  Beginning the first week of January, I’ll embark on a 24 week training plan that will lead me to the completion of the Niagara 50K in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario.  This idea had been cooking for a while, but since I have become extremely excited about it recently, I know it’s the right thing to do.  So, .. I’m going to give it a shot!    I found a training plan that builds up slowly, with plenty of cut-back weeks, so I can be careful to avoid injury.  Training through the winter in Buffalo is not for the faint of heart .. but … I do believe it makes me tougher by the time spring rolls around!

I chose this race because it seems to have just what I want in an Ultra.  It begins in Niagara on the Lake and goes down to Niagara Falls and back.  I’ve driven this route before, and it is incredibly scenic and beautiful.  The race is on an asphalt footpath that is traffic free the entire time.  There are well-stocked aid stations every 5K, and from all I’ve read online, the volunteers are some of the best around.

So…. here goes …

What are your goals and training/racing plans for 2012?


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